Discover Parenthood

You are not just giving birth to a new baby...
You are giving birth to a new mother and father

as we become new parents?

Parenting today comes with a whole new set of challenges that makes it hard to know where to place our focus?

With our fast paced, multi-tasking, googling world we live in how can we slow down enough to give the attention we need to ourselves, our child and our relationships?

There is a unique “window of opportunity” that exists from conception to age three where we create a foundation of self-understanding that lasts throughout our lifetime. This foundation is based on a parent’s relationship to themselves, each other and the world. There is new science available today that helps us understand that “window of time” through the lens of your child.

In our weekly parent/infant classes and parenting workshops we examine and discuss the following aspects of human development and much more.

  1. Physical intelligence and languages
    • Sensory learning, free movement and body memory
    • Nervous system regulation

  2. Cognitive intelligence and languages
    • Baby brain science
    • Phases of development

  3. Emotional intelligence and languages
    • Honoring the full range of emotions and how they serve us
    • Attachment and learning boundries

  4. Social intelligence and languages
    • Relationship dynamics of the family
    • Cultural impact on our self-development

  5. Spiritual intelligence and languages
    • Human nature vs. Mother Nature

Come and learn why the early years matter and how they shape our future health and well-being!

Parent/Infant Classes –
Being held weekly in Naperville

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